Ancient City & Crocodile Farm

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Day Trip Time 1-4 pax 5-8 pax
Ancient Siam & Crocodile Farm / Day trip

The Samutprakarn Crocodile Farm and Zoo

The Samutprakarn Crocodile Farm and Zoo is an internationally renowned crocodile zoo in Bangkok, Thailand. It claims to hold the Guiness Book of Records Largest Captive Crocodile measuring six meters (19 feet, 8 inches) and weighing 1114.27 kilograms (2465 pounds). This enormous crocodile is one among over 100,000 crocodiles at the world’s largest crocodile farm. Visitors to the crocodile farm can see a wide variety of animals other than crocodiles, including elephants, lions, tigers, monkeys, horses, and hippos. There are frequent crocodile shows, famous for the performers putting their heads inside a crocodile’s mouth. Elephant shows display the dexterity of elephants as they walk tightropes, ride skateboards, and dance. Visitors may also take short elephant ride, ride a train, enjoy a paddle boat ride, or explore the dinosaur museum.

Opening hours : daily 8.00 am. – 18.00 pm.
Entrance fees : Adults 300 THB./ Children 200 THB.

The Ancient City

The Ancient City is the door opening to the heritage of Thai wisdom. With a wide range of architectural symbols combined with fine arts and craftsmanship, structural layout and natural environment that integrate harmoniously, The Ancient City creates kind of atmosphere that induces visitors to perceive and appreciate the continuity of history, cultures, religions, arts and customs of Thai people from dawn until now.Admission Fee for Individuals (Foreign)

Opening hours : daily 9.00 am. – 20.00 pm.
Entrance fees : Adults 700 THB./ Children 350 THB.
Additional : Private Guide in Thai +1,200 THB.

Private Guide in English +1,500 THB. (2 hours)

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