4 Valuable Tips For Riding A Taxi in Pattaya

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Pattaya is a great city and popular destination in Thailand, and its taxi service system is quite organized as well. Even though public transport in Thailand is commendable, using taxis remains to be the ideal means of transport to get around Pattaya as they are convenient and affordable. They are colored pink, yellow, blue, and green and you’ll hardly fail to spot several as you walk around.

The following tips will help to enlighten you on some of the things you need to know before catching a taxi in Pattaya.

1. Carry Your Map Or Business Card

Many business cards in Thailand are multilingual; written in Thai for the driver and English for you. Some cards have a small map to direct the cabbies. However, don’t expect every driver to be able to read the directions. Thankfully, drivers from several companies such as Mike Pattaya Taxi Service have been trained to read the maps and understands English quite well.

Another way to assure that you arrive at your destination, especially if you aren’t conversant with The Thai language, is to consult a security guard, bellhop, or your Thai friend if you have any. Request them to explain the directions to your taxi driver. Another important tip is to call your destination once you get inside the taxi. Hand your phone to the driver so that they can speak to the Thai person at your destination.

2. Learn Some Thai Words

Make sure to learn some basic Thai words and phrases; words such as turn right, turn left, and stop here will definitely come in handy. You can add a polite participle such as Ka if you are a woman and Khrap if you a man.

Here are some of the popular Thai phrases:

– Turn left- Leow sai
– Turn right- Leow kwaa
– Stop here- Jort tee nee

Knowing these simple directions while in the cabs will help you get to your destination with more ease. In fact, drivers will be very cooperative in your attempt to speak Thai. Also, the chances of you getting scammed will decrease as they’ll assume you have lived in Thailand for a while, and thus you know the correct price.

3. Remember Your Taxi

Whenever you take a taxi, jot down or make a mental note of the number of the cab along with the name of the Cab Company and color of the taxi. The taxi numbers are normally found on metal plates attached to the taxi doors, and stickers on the window. You can also ask the driver for their card; it’s called a nambaht in Thai.

Don’t rely on the information from the cab license displayed on the dashboard as most of it belong to their co-workers whom they share the taxi with them. This information will help you find the taxi in case you forget your valuables in the cab.

4. Be Aware Of The Scams

While most of the taxis are registered under respected companies, there are some companies with irresponsible drivers who try to make extra baht in dishonest ways. Occasionally, cab drivers might suggest a massage parlor or seafood restaurant because they might be tipped for bringing in customers. If the drivers insist on taking you to a destination you do not wish to go, get out of the taxi and find a new driver.

Treat the drivers with respect. Most drivers are genuine and honest and will be willing to get you to your destination comfortably and safely. If you receive great service, you can tip the driver to cheer them up.