3 Amazed Island in Pattaya You Should Not Miss

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Unsurprisingly if Thailand’s well-known beach resort will not be the first thought that came up once you talked about Pattaya. Since Pattaya city is more recognized and famous in term of nightlife paradise’s image. However, your new experiences to see how the beautiful of Pattaya beach is in a cerulean blue sea together with a long beach through these three styles of amazed island will definitely change up your mind.

By the way, no matter where you are in Bangkok or in Pattaya, you can book the pattaya taxi service to pick up you at the convenience points. Even the taxi service Bangkok to Pattaya, it could be offered in reasonable price with the various choices of car’s size and service fees depending on the location you are and the number of passengers in the trip. For your tentative plan to see how amazed of the island around Pattaya to be, here is some advice for your better planning.

Coral Island

It is also called in Thais as KohLarn where the word ‘Koh’ means to ‘Island’. This recommended island is quite close to Pattaya and you can go by pattaya taxi service with the distance only 7.5 kilometres from the west of Pattaya. As the alternative retreat from crowded beach, you can choose to spend time there in the morning for several hours before getting back to the Pattaya beach in the late afternoon. Meanwhile, at the Coral Island, you can enjoy with a short ferry ride to feel the real sea life.


Another good option is to go KohSak which is only 10 kilometers from the west of Pattaya or it could say that it is just 600 meters from KohLarn or Coral Island. Once you have arrived at KohSak, you would be admired with the wonderful white sandy beaches here which is differed and unique from the others under its U-shaped bay. It is advised you to walk along the route which is just 80 meters as you could feel how the history and local life here is, for instance, the handprints in the concrete lining of many famous visitors like the Shah Reza Palahvi of Iran, former Presidents of the United States and His Majesty the King of Thailand and the Duke of Edinburgh. And of course enjoy your lunch time with local Thai food that is cheap through its small restaurants. If you have booked the pattaya taxi service in advance you may inform them for 1 day Pattaya’s city tour service to stop over at these attraction places. The cost would be around 2,000 Thai Baht depending on the car’s type and the route. However, It would be surely much comfort and more convenience for your trip.

Monkey Island

Actually, this amazed island has various names which is comprised of Duck Island or in Thais they called as ‘KohPed’, Monkey Island or in Thais as ‘Koh Ling’ and the official name as Crystal Shard Island or in Thais as ‘KohKletKaew’. By which the traveler could be experienced on the true of its name as the land is surrounded by jungle covered lump and just like a crystal. Moreover, under their 24 hectares’ island is home to monkeys that has become to human contact due to daily visits of tourists. Consequently, many tourists are appreciated to take photos and enjoy feeding them.

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