3 Cabaret Shows Pattaya You Should Not Miss

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It could probably say that the key attraction points for Pattaya is not only limited to the beautiful sea, the taste of food or the abandon shopping places but also the plenty of beer bars, nightclubs, pubs, live music and cabaret show like the one well-known as Tiffany Cabaret Show, Alcazar Show Pattaya and Thai Alangkan Show. So, you might be wondered how different they are. Here is a short summary of these excellent shows you should not miss once visited in Pattaya.

Enjoyed the first transvestite Cabaret at Tiffany Cabaret Show

It is noted that more than 28 years when this transvestite shows have been presented and pioneered in South East Asia.It is originally shown in 1974 at the small bar in South Pattaya but earned the overwhelming admire from many tourists around the world as well as local Thais. It is not only about how beautiful ladyboys are but it is more on their stage’s performance. Consequently, Tiffany Cabaret Show has been awarded asthe 4th of Top Ten Show by TravelCom Magazine since 2001. If you have planned to enjoy, the show is played only on public holiday and is divided into 4 rounds starting from 4.30 pm, 6 pm, 7.30 pm and 9 pm.

Amazed with charming lady boys at Alcazar Show Pattaya

Many people might think, it is just to see beautiful ladyboys only, in contrast, the Alcazar Show Pattaya will present you how the great show is, with the extravagant costumes.It was opened in 1981 and firstly is comprised of 400 male and ladyboys to perform a fantastic performance on stage. The theater can deserve the guests for 1,200 seats. Meanwhile, besides their elegant shows, they also set the comedy as well as impersonation through the lighting, sound and backdrops. If you would like to take your chance watching them, the Alcazar Show Pattaya would open daily into 3 rounds starting from 6 pm, 8 pm and 9.30 pm by which the extra round at 11 pm would be provided only on Saturday.

Feel the traditional style at Thai Alangkan Show

However, if you would like to feel more on the traditional Thai style, watching the cabaret show at Thai Alangkan might be your admired choice. Under the area of 32 acres to serve 2,000 guests plus the special color laser system, the guests would be drawn back to the origin of the world, and deep down into Thai History starting since Sukhothai era, Ayutthaya period and back to the Rattanakosin period – all the historic of Thai cultures will be presented in the state of art technique. The show has also included Thai games, Thai Boxing and Thai Material Arts. Moreover, the guests can also enjoy Thai food at their restaurant which could serve for 1000 seats.

If you travel to Pattaya alone, do not be shy to get over these cabaret show. And of course, you can take Taxi Pattaya Service to pick you up from the hotel to see these excellent shows once in life.