Flight of the Gibbon, Take your Adventure Time in Pattaya

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Due to Pattaya’s image in the eyes of travelers is the city of nightlife and fun-filled with great food, then some of them may miss to spend the adventure time in Pattaya once they stayed. If you would like to have a big venture time with nice photos to share on your social media. You should put the Flight of the Gibbon in your visiting list where 100% of travelers have recommended to be experienced with unique style of rainforest by which the traveler can easily book through the tour agent or reserve taxi pattaya to get along with your timetable that might fit you the most. So, before you would set up the plan to join the Flight of Gibbon trip, here below is some ideas to let you learn more about this adventure activity beforehand.

What will you be experienced in the beautiful ChonburiZipline?

During having fun-filled in abseiling, forest walks and sky bridges; many travelers also like to see the real wildlife and forest conservation as well. By which the Zipline is located in the majestic forest inside KhaoKheow Open Safari Park so, there are a zoo inside. Of course, the traveler would see how the zoo animals is when they are swinging on the treetop of the Flight of Gibbon’s experience that has included Bears, Giraffes, White Lions, Elephants, Rhinos and more. On top of that, the highlight of the Flight of Gibbon is also the unique challenges and spectacular view of jungle you will be fallen in love in Thai jungle ecosystem at the route of 1.8 miles or approximately of 3 kilometers. During enjoying the natural environment, you will also get some knowledge of local wildlife, fauna and flowers with utmost safety and of course the structural strength.

What will you be enjoyed in this Flight of Gibbon?

If you travel from the Pattaya to ChonburiZipline, it would take around 1 hour. After that you will be offered with the thrilling adrenaline rush when stay up on the longest line at the length of 980 feet or 300 meters. You will be learnt and enjoyed in swing, climb, crawl, zip and fly through the fantastic treetop obstacle and rainforest scenery in total of 24 platforms, for instance, the 2 rappel descents to try and 2 hanging sky bridges to amaze for.

What would be allowed and prohibited in visiting the Flight of Gibbon?

Basically for the traveler’s safety, it is recommended that he or she must be at least 1 meter tall or 3 feet 3 inches with the range of weight between 45 to 286 pounds or around 20 up to 130 kilograms. Nevertheless, it does not require any previous ziplining experience before enjoying with the Flight of Gibbon. By the way, for anyone of you who are pregnant or have a problem of muscular, back, joint or neck, it should be carefully consider whether it should join in or not? Since it is more on natural adventure, the Flight of Gibbon is not allowed the wheelchair to access.

And if you are worried about your bags, please be noted that the Flight of Gibbon has offered the secure storage lockers for visitors with free of charges, which is large to store handbags, valuables and small backpacks. For any luggage that are too large, it could be stored in the office with CCTV cameras.

On the other hand, the interested traveler may take the taxi to Pattaya and inform the agent in advance that you would like to spend the adventure time at the ChonburiZipline first before heading to Pattaya as the location is around halfway between Bangkok and Pattaya and it takes only 1 to 1.5 hours so the pattaya taxi service can pick up you with air-conditioned car’s types from anywhere you are in Bangkok before dropped you off at your accommodation. It would be more convenience and comfortable to list in your trip for sure. For your consideration, the taxi from Bangkok to Pattaya would be cost around 1,000 to 1,500 Thai Baht which is depended on the pick up points and the number of passengers. Nevertheless, it would be definitely cheaper and in reasonable price than the taxi meter’s fees.